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XBRL-online was created to be a reference for XBRL. Here you will find the most important resources and debates about XBRL language.

Even though the subject is related to IT and Accounting, this site is intended for everyone interested on XBRL application, because the essential objective is to spread knowledge about this technology. As far as possible, the texts will be easily understood, even when a more deep approach is required.

For further information about XBRL, you must read this quick introduction.

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Eduardo Mineo


During all the study and work I’m dedicating to XBRL, I’m convincing myself that this is a technology that we can’t understand separately. XBRL is only a component in the new conception of communication that is shaping the way we live. Digital communication is present in almost every part of society, taking us from one side to another, crossing the world (and even taking us out of it) in matter of seconds. And understand how it impacts and how information can be handled in digital media is fundamental for a broader comprehention on what is XBRL and how far it can take us.

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